• National leader in seed production, Les Domaines Agricoles are established in the main cereal regions of Morocco with an area of 5000 ha. They contribute indirectly but significantly to the country’s supply of cereals.
    Through a targeted research and development, we participate in the enrichment of the official catalogue of varieties.

    Our good performance comes from our modern machineries and our constant evolution in production technology. In addition, some of our production is the organic production and we use direct seeding , which is considered to be an important global technical and ecological development.

  • Thanks to their know-how in the production of aromatic plants, the Aromas of Morocco are suppliers of the world’s high perfumery.

    international fame acquired year after year thanks to the close collaboration with the Grasse masters.

    Our products come from an integrated process ranging from plant material production to extraction within our factories. Thanks to this controlled system, we are able to guarantee security of supply for our partners, while meeting international standards .

    In addition to our flagship products (neroli, concrete …) we also have a wide range of cosmetics and food products for the domestic market: foral waters, food oils and beauty and care products.

  • Created in 1989, Les Domaines Agricoles fish production unit is one of the first fish processing units in Africa.

    The trout breeding industry in Aïn Aghbal and Oum Rabii in the Azrou region provides the consumer with a high product in a natural environment in high purity waters. The vertical integration of our production guarantees total traceability .

    Our processing units are ISO 22000 certified according to European standards. They also meet HACCP management standards

  • The Domaines Agricoles apiary station produces a very wide range of specific honeys of various origins and flavors, as well as pollen and royal jelly.

    We are one of the few producers in Morocco to practice mass selection and breeding queens from selected colonies.

    The production of honey is carried out in different regions according to honey. The extraction, storage and packaging stages take place at the Sidi Yahia du Gharb beekeeping station.

    Our products are subject to rigorous controls at every stage of manufacture and packaging. All of our facilities are ISO 22000 certified.

  • Designed in 1926 by the Pasha of Marrakech, Hadj Thami El Glaoui Mezouari, the Royal Golf of Marrakech is in line with the most beautiful international historic courses.
    With guests as prestigious as statesmen Winston Churchill, David Lloyd George or Ike Eisenhower, the Royal Golf of Marrakech welcomes golfers from all over the world eager to “play a legend”.
    To the delight of the game is undoubtedly added that of an exceptional walk in the heart of a century-old vegetation populated with more than 15,000 trees. In this wonderful oasis of freshness, each of the 27 holes of the course remains an unforgettable memory.
    For more than 80 years old, the Royal Golf of Marrakech accompanies History, not only that of the Kingdom but also that of this unique game. Based on respect for etiquette and fair play exchange, golf is a discipline that cultivates the finest values of sport and decorum.

  • LES DOMAINES AGRICOLES offer a very rich range of fruits and vegetables divided into two main categories:

    • Fruit arboriculture: peaches, nectarines, apricots, grapes, olives, avocados…
    • Market gardening: tomatoes (round, cocktail, cherry, elongated …), green Charentais melon, pepper, cucumber…

    We select varieties that best meet the expectations of our customers and adapt our technical conduct according to climate, soil and water availability. We use advanced equipment and farming techniques.

  • With a production of over 150 000 tonnes, Les Domaines Agricoles has developed a recognized leadership in citrus production. Our ambitious research and development programs have allowed us to be at the origin of many innovations such as the NADORCOTT varietydeveloped in collaboration with INRA, or the Tristeza detection kits.

    Our goal is to improve the quality of our products, increase our productivity and make optimal use of natural resources, especially water resources. Anxious to meet the expectations of our customers, we have developed a wide range of products from the best terroirs, available 9 months a year, packaged in modern stations, thus ensuring maximum freshness to our products.

  • Aware that a successful orchard begins with a quality plant, LES DOMAINES AGRICOLES has been committed for more than 35 years to producing quality seedlings in the service of national arboriculture. All plants AGRICULTURAL AREAS arecertified.

    Our quality of producer allows us to constantly test our plants and to support our customers in their implementation, thus guaranteeing high yields.