Our varieties of fruits and vegetables are carefully selected. They are tested and analyzed according to well-defined criteria …

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Present throughout Morocco, our fruits and vegetables come from different terroirs covering all the regions…

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Our products meet very strict specifications defined according to the regulatory requirements as well as specific needs …

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Taste of the year


This year again, our products have been recognized as Taste of the year by a quantitative panel of consumers. They were distinguished by their taste and visual qualities. The mandarin AfourerTM has been Honoured for the 8th time, tomato cocktail for the 4th time and Tomato Cocktail for the 1st time.

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Protégeons-nous les uns les autres

Conscients de leur responsabilité sociale, Les Domaines Agricoles se mobilisent pour renforcer leur dispositif de prévention sanitaire permettant d’assurer la protection des collaborateurs et clients, tout en assurant la disponibilité continue de l’ensemble des produits.

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